Serving Our Country

Art Garcia was born in New York State and spent his formidable years in Islep Terrace, New York.  As a boy, he enjoyed many years of participation in the Martial Arts and music. He plays the trumpet.  After completing high school, he decided to postpone his college education and follow in his father’s footsteps; he joined the Marine Corps

Once a Marine, Always a Marine:  This truism is now the official motto of the Marine Corps League. The origin of the statement is credited to a gung-ho Marine Corps master sergeant, Paul Woyshner. During a barroom argument he shouted, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!"  MSgt. Woyshner was right. Once the title "U.S. Marine" has been earned, it is retained.  There are no ex-Marines or former-Marines.  There are (1) active duty Marines, (2) retired Marines, (3) reserve Marines, and (4) Marine veterans. Nonetheless, once one has earned the title, he remains a Marine for life.

What does Art Garcia have to say about military service? “Thanks to Marie Corps values I am who I am. I will forever be faithful to those I serve.  Service is the instrument by which we grow as people. Semper Fidelis.”

Art Garcia, Jr., USMC

Art’s father, Art Garcia, USMC

Art Garcia and his wife, Yara at the Marine Corps Ball with Marine Corps Commandant General James T. Conway.

Art Garcia at the Marine Corps Ball with 15th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, John L. Estrada.


Completing his service to his country, he was honorably discharged in 1984 with the rank of Sgt., moving on to begin his formal education.

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